Industrial Services

Contact LJM Electrical WA for all your specific industrial electrical services.

We provide various industrial services for factories, warehouses, production facilities, and real estate: installation, Maintenance, Repairs, Electrical Testing, and Tagging.

Here at LJM we offer industrial electrical services including but not limited to the following:

Industrial Services

Electrical Testing and Tagging

We can perform electrical Testing and tagging to ensure your equipment is safe and meets Australian Safety Standards. Test the equipment for electrical faults and tag it with a safety tag to indicate that it has been tested and deemed safe. We have many customers for whom we schedule yearly Testing and tagging of all electrical equipment, and we have had positive feedback from our customers.

Data and Communication Cabling

We can install structured cabling systems, fibre optic cabling, and other networking components to support business operations.

Workshop/ Warehouse Lighting Upgrade

Workshops and Warehouses are now upgrading to LED Lighting, a popular lighting solution. LED Lighting technology is energy efficient, durable, and produces high-quality illumination with a longer life span. LED Lights have become famous for security, outdoor, and Interior Lighting.

3 Phase Fit Outs

3 Phase Fit Out is commonly used in industrial and commercial facilities as it is more efficient and reliable than single-phase power. The fit-out may involve installing new electrical panels, transformers, and wiring to support three-phase power distribution.

Our other
services include:

  • 3 phase outlets
  • 3 phase power
  • Tool and appliance tagging
  • RCD testing and installation
  • Emergency light testing and installation
  • Connections of 3 phase equipment
  • Board upgrades
  • All aspects of lighting and power
  • Installation and maintenance
  • Alterations and additions


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